Mark R. Eady - Colbert County Circuit Clerk

Mark R. Eady is the Colbert County Circuit Clerk, having been elected to the position in 2018. In Alabama, each Circuit Clerk is elected to a six-year term. Mark took office on January 15, 2019.

Mark was born in the Shoals Area and graduated from Muscle Shoals High School. He later earned his B.A. degree in Political Science from Auburn University in 2003, before attending Athens State University and earning his second degree in 2010, a B.S. in Social Science. He also held a secondary teaching certificate from Alabama in social sciences.

Before entering politics, Mark worked in a number of fields, which included a stint as the Director of Career Services at a college in Gainesville, Georgia. Within that capacity, he worked on initiatives designed to strengthen students’ lives beyond the classroom. He also helped create a leadership program, as well as tailor numerous modifications that helped the college save money annually. Those experiences were important to his future, as they marked the first instances in which someone ultimately gave him the freedom to utilize his God-given abilities to create methods for bringing positive change.

From his work on anti-bullying, to the ideas he has offered for bringing more accountability to government, Mark is always seeking new ways to strengthen the community. Mark is honored and grateful to serve the people in his role as Circuit Clerk.